Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Drive

On Day 3 of Shibby's Alaska vacation, it was time for a road trip.  One of the first places she wanted to go was to see the bears at the Conservation Center.  We had our pitstops at Alaska Wildberry, and lunch at the Peanut Farm, and headed south on the Seward Highway.  It was a beautiful clear and sunny day to see Turnagain Arm.

It was a little different from the days of old where we explored Bermuda by scooter.  We had radio.  Coffee holders.  And traffic.  In the scooter days, we could maneuver pretty easily, or get by holdups in Bermuda's infamous "third lane' of traffic, the third lane being the center line of the road between opposing lanes flows of traffic.  Amazing that I survived all that and got taken out by a rat terrier in the end.  Anyway, our beautiful drive started out well, great clear views of the water, some beautiful Fireweed on the roadside to add a splash of color to the pictures.

Occassionally a float plane would cruise by, just willing us to take its photo as it headed on to Seward or Homer, in that cool and casual way that Alaskans fly rather than drive distances between 100 and 1000 miles. in five Alaskans have a pilots license.

Unfortunately there was an accident further up the road, and after an hour parked on the highway, we were forced to turn back to Anchorage as the road would remain closed for several hours.  We were a bit disappointed, and with the afternoon fading, had to come up with a change of plans on the fly.  We decided to stop at the Alaska Zoo on the way back through Anchorage.

Before I talk about the zoo, I wanted to share some pictures of flowers at the zoo.  Alaska is quietly big on flowers.  You don't hear a lot of fuss and muss about city planners, or beautification schemes, you just find a lot of flowers, everywhere.  I think nature around here inspires everyone to try a little bit of gardening.  Even I managed a little wildflower garden on my patio this year, which I am desperately trying to keep alive now in September when the sun won't come out and the clouds hang low threatening to freeze my poor little flower friends.  They live in the spare bathroom now.  But anyway, there are lots of little wildflowers that pop up anywhere there is an open spot, and lot of little pots and plots carefully tended that you see all around town, and even around the zoo.

This sleepy little sunflower in the late afternoon sun made me smile.

And these bright pink and yellow flowers could brighten any day.  In Alaska, the flowers themselves are small, but their color and energy are super big!

One more shot of the flowers...and then it was time to focus on the animals (literally and figuratively).

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Peanut Farm

I hear a lot of ads on the radio about "The Peanut Farm."  It took me a few ads to know what it was first I was like "a peanut farm in Alaska?"  After the next ad I thought maybe it was a and peanuts...but it was the Facebook status of others that lead me to understand that it is a large sports bar style restaurant/pub that sits alongside Campbell Creek, which runs through town.  I decided I had to go try it out when I saw my boss post that she was at the Peanut Farm enjoying some sunshine and watching Salmon swim by in Campbell Creek from her table on the patio.

Shibby and I had to eat, and the Peanut Farm is a neighbour to Alaska Wildberry Products where we had just been.  So it was off to the Peanut Farm for lunch!

The Peanut Farm immediately made it on to my favorites list.  It has a large patio to soak up some of the sunshine on those long Alaska summer days.  The menu and food were good, but it is really the comfortable patio view that made my lunch.  The tables border the creek -- and the bridge is a good viewing deck for salmon watching.

On this day we watched for salmon, but what we actually saw go by were geese.  The current is actually pretty fast, and they shot by the first time before I even had my camera ready.  But there were either several gaggle of geese upstream, or they hop out just past the restaurant and waddle back upstream to take the ride again, because 10 minutes later, they went by again.  This time I was ready!

I can't say I caught them smiling, but I am pretty sure they were having fun.  Like everyone on the patio.  The Peanut Farm, on airport road, is a great place to stop in for summer lunch, or a pint to watch the fish and fauna go by.